Unbelievably-Tiny Chameleons Discovered In Madagascar [PICS]

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Unbelievably-Tiny Chameleons Discovered In Madagascar [PICS]

Scientists have discovered some of the word's smallest known reptiles in Madagascar.

The news was announced in a recent publication of the PLoS ONE open-access science journal. These little guys are so small they can rest on someone's finger nail or the head of a match.

The smallest of all, known as Brookesia Micra (pictured below)  is only about an inch long from head to tail. This makes it the smallest chameleon in the world.

The team of scientists discovered four new species in all but warn that two of them are extremely threatened by deforestation.

You can read all the minute details about these critters in the full article located on the PLoS ONE website.


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The Brookesia micra

The Brookesia micra chameleon is known since 2007 already (acc. Wikipedia)but has been described just this year. Hmm, also interesting is a new Bushviper found in Tanzania. See and Read here: http://www.atherismatildae.org/

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